It’s possible that you could do almost all your carpentry projects using a circular saw, power miter saw, or jigsaw and never miss a handsaw. However, there are times when using a handsaw is easier, more convenient, and produces better results. Handsaws also provide the do-it-yourselfer a cost-effective alternative to the higher price of power… Read More »


Levels are essential to virtually every carpentry project. They help you build walls that are perfectly vertical (plumb), shelves, countertops, steps that are level, and roofs that incline at a correct and consistent pitch. Take care of your levels. Unlike some other tools that can be tossed into a tool bucket without damage, a level… Read More »

Tape Measures

The first step in any carpentry project is the taking of accurate measurements. Even though it seems big, buy a 25-foot steel tape measure with a 3/4-inch-wide blade for general use. Most tape measures are retractable, so the tape returns easily. Make sure your tape has a locking mechanism, so you can keep it extended… Read More »

Door Types

Choosing a door design can be an arduous task, because it needs to meet so many parameters. Door designs can make or break the look of your façade, and therefore need to go with the aesthetics the entire space. At the same time, modern doors must be absolutely strong and secure as well as water-proof… Read More »

Four Ideas for Entry Doors Designs

The entrance door is really the “face” of your home. It sets the mood and character of things to come. An entry door not only provides security and privacy – it can represent your personality and preferences. For instance, if you’re an artist, do you really want just a plain wooden door? Or do you… Read More »