Organic Gardening Tips

Most synthetic fertilizers contain components and chemicals which can be harmful to living organisms, and therefore organic gardening usually is a wiser option. If you wish to apply organic gardening techniques, you should start by avoiding all synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and use natural options instead. Once you have decided where you will plant, you… Read More »

How to Make Compost

The first thing you need to do is find a place you want to start and have your compost pile. It is helpful to put the compost pile in an area that’s easy to get to and out of the way at the same time. You can have the compost pile on the dirt. Or… Read More »

Double the Size of Your Garden

Do you wish you had more room for a bigger garden. You can double the size of your garden and grow more vegetables with what is called a vertical gardening. With a vertical garden using a trellis, you can actually double the size of your garden without digging up more of your yard. Double the… Read More »

Glues & Adhesives

When used properly, glues and adhesives can be stronger than the materials they hold together. Use hot glue in lightweight woodworking projects, carpenter’s glue for wood joints, and carpentry adhesive for preliminary installation of thin panels and lumber. Panel adhesive, a thinner formula that can be applied from a tube or with a brush, is… Read More »

Screws & Other Hardware

The advent of the screw gun and numerous types of driver bits for drills have made screws a mainstay of the carpentry trade. With literally hundreds of different screws and types of fastening hardware available, there is a specific screw for almost every job. But, for most carpentry jobs you will only need to consider… Read More »