Blue and Orange in Interior Design

We have become so accustomed to the traditional color schemes in interior design that nonstandard solutions arouse real interest in us. So, choosing a win-win black and white, creamy chocolate or blue-navy color combination, you do not risk anything, but at the same time you won’t surprise anyone by using these color combinations. So today… Read More »

Green Color in the Interior

Creating an interior in green does not involve the use of green is absolutely for everything: walls, upholstery, curtains, etc. One need only slightly accents, so that your room is beginning to look completely different. For example, lay on the parquet floor rug in shades of green, or add green accessories. It could be a… Read More »

How to Use Red Color in the Interior

Red is the color that most attracts attention, and this has both advantages and disadvantages when used in the interiors of apartments and houses. Main advantages * Even the minimal “inclusion” of red can completely transform and make a boring design stylish; * Competently and tastefully used red in the interior invigorates, energizes, enhances mood.… Read More »

The combination of colors in the interior

Any designer knows that the interior of the apartment or house begins with a choice of color, but rather with color combinations premises. Correct color and gives style and pleasant atmosphere in the interior. Thus, the combination of colors in the interior can be quite diverse. It can be both warm and cold combinations, tuck… Read More »