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The landscaper’s tool shed contains a range of basic hand tools, larger specialty tools, masonry tools, and power tools. As you take on projects in this book, you’ll gradually expand your everyday tool box to a well-rounded collection that could easily fill a shed. You may not want to purchase every tool, and that’s where rental centers come in handy. Many landscape supply and hardware stores also have equipment available for rent. If you’ll use the equipment one time, or on a very limit ed basis, this is the most cost-effective way to acquire the tools you need without investing heavily in equipment that will sit unused 99 percent of the time.

Metal tools should be made from high-carbon steel with smoothly finished surfaces. Hand tools should be well-balanced and have tight, comfortably molded handles. Pick up the tool. How does it feel? Ergonomics are a big deal because you’ll be spending lots of time handling your basic tools. Consider the length of the shaft on shovels, landscape rakes, etc. You can find adjustable options that allow you to “size” the equipment to suit your body.

For tools you decide to purchase, invest in the best you can afford. Estate sales often have good quality tools for less – and if the handle is ruined, replacements are available.

Landscape ToolsSpecialty tools for landscape and yard work include: weed trimmer for clearing light brush (A), power tamper for compacting soil and subbase material (B), power sod cutter (C), garden rake or bow rake (D), come-along manual winch to assist in moving heavy objects (E), post-hole digger (F), gas-powered auger (G), pick axe (H).

Hand tools Hand tools include: caulk gun (A), tape measure (B), chalk line (C), compass (D), garden hose (E), bow saw (F), plumb bob (G), combination square (H), speed square (I), pressure sprayer (J), mason’s line (K), square and round shovels (M), garden rake (N), posthole digger (0), hoe (P), carpenter’s level (Q), framing square (R), putty knife (S), wood chisel (T), awl (U), socket wrench set (V), hammer (W), rubber mallet (X), pruning shears (Y), metal shears (Z), bar clamps (AA), and pipe clamps (BB).

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