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Alpine GardensAlpine garden is your garden of stones and earth in order to recreate the likeness of a mountain landscape.
The growth in land prices and the small size of the plots stimulate the search for new architectural and spatial solutions for small home gardens.
Impact on the design of home Alpine slides to a large extent has seen in the tourist Hiking in the mountains, where you can observe wild nature. After returning home we are trying to restore her beauty on private land in miniature rock gardens.
Properly installed Alpine slide requires no further special care. First of all you should decide which plants you want to grow. Among rocky varieties of plants, there are those who like Sunny places and those who prefer the shade.

Rock plant varieties

Growing on the slopes of the plants do not like excess moisture in the soil, but willingly join her from the damp air. Therefore if our garden is an artificial pond, you should place the garden of stones closer to him. This neighborhood will contribute to the development of plants.
Although large rock gardens harder to build, and they require more space, but there are more opportunities to create on their slopes Alpine conditions for different plants.

Materials to build

What building material is appropriate? Alpine slide is built mostly of stone, but you also need gravel, coarse sand and fertile soil. The most interesting in the garden looks raw flat broken Sandstone, but remember that it is better to use local materials found in the immediate vicinity.
You can also choose to slides limestone, basalt or granite in various forms, but this solution will be expensive.
Remember that the stones can change soil pH, for example, choosing the limestone, we need to choose plants that love an alkaline soil.

The construction of the slides

In order to properly build the slide, you need some knowledge about the needs and preferences of mountain plants. The most Alpine plants like the extreme conditions, sun and permeable soil. At the base of the slides should lay the stones more and cover them with a layer of gravel or crushed stone, for building drainage.
Based on this we will build the rest of the songs from the stones, trying to give it a shape that resembles the natural hillside. The free space between the stones fill out the appropriate mix of land. More attention should be paid to the choice of the soil. The substrate should consist of 5 parts compost, 3 parts gravel or gravel and 1 part peat.
A common error in the construction of the Alpine slide is the design too steep slopes, where it will be difficult to root plants and will not be able to hold enough water.

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