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Kitchen RulesAs regards to kitchen, do not forget that this is a room for cooking. This means that odors from such placement without hindrance will penetrate all the nooks of joint space, which is not good for the upholstered furniture, carpets, curtains, fabrics that absorb odors like a sponge. Yes, and ventilate the room for their own comfort, do not always give positive results and eliminates completely all the kitchen smells.

That is why, if you often cook at home, you need to make a sliding partition between the kitchen area and sitting area. Thus, at any moment can be “cut off” the kitchen and fix penetration of the smell from the kitchen into other areas. Inter ana, this kind of partition can be a wonderful sound screen.

The kitchen is a kind of “scene”, where three opposites come into the fight – stove, sink and refrigerator. Each of these integral elements of the kitchen environment must have its own minimum space. However, they do not have to stand very far away from each other. And do not put between them obstacles preventing the movement. This will undoubtedly create additional sources of irritation in the kitchen.

If you decide to organize the kitchen stand-alone “island” in the form of a suite, you should plan for its place so that all four sides were aisles, with the width of not less than one meter. Otherwise, they will be very inconvenient to use and you will have an additional source of irritation.

In older homes, where are often visited by utilities to replace the wiring, gas pipes, or batteries, will be particularly relevant to close the kitchen wall so-called kitchen apron. When installing the kitchen units simply do not need to plug tight access to the most important communications. After all, to remove one complete “apron” made of plastic will be much easier and more convenient for the kitchen environment, than to break the same tile.

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