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Ideas to Update the Interior of the KitchenTo buy good furniture for the kitchen requires a lot of effort and, more importantly, money. So, if you feel that your kitchen furniture even with full confidence will last a few years, but its appearance leaves much to be desired, we will explain how to return to her attractiveness!

Turn old furniture into stylish vintage

If you have concerns about the frayed corners of painted kitchen Cabinet, Cabinet or table, we hasten to reassure you! As said the great sun Tzu: “Wrap your weaknesses into strengths.” The fact that many experienced designers, creating designs kitchen interior in vintage style, especially “old” new furniture to achieve a similar effect! So consider yourself lucky, and the only thing you need to do is remove the “aging” using sandpaper with a very fine abrasive.

At the same time, you can do otherwise: repaint kitchen cabinets and hanging lockers in pale blue or any other pastel color, and decorate them with white molding. Volume patterns, glued to the doors of the lockers, will convey a vintage spirit of past generations. To complement this picture, you can starched white napkin with delicate ruffles.

Change the color scheme of the kitchen furniture

Even if the kitchen has a good hood, after a certain period of time, the color is painted kitchen furniture dims and salted. In such cases it is desirable to repaint all cabinets and lockers fresh and light and shade.
Sunny yellow pastels will fill your kitchen with the light and make her more comfortable.
Bright orange kitchen cabinets will look very fashionable and effectively, lifting your mood every day. If this color solution you think is childish, thoughtless, it is recommended to add contrast in the form of, say, dark kitchen apron.
Dark red color in the kitchen is true and solid. Refresh wooden kitchen furniture, giving it a red hue, you can use the stain in several layers.
Metallic will add to the interior of the kitchen cold touch. Naturally, we do not offer you to cover the whole kitchen furniture galvanized metal or stainless steel – just paint it metallic silver paint shade.
Light green, pale olive, white or blue paint will make your kitchen much cleaner and lighter.
Rainbow kitchen is a choice resilient and courageous people. Just paint the crates or modules of their kitchen in harmonious shades and enjoy the original interior design, self-made!

Replaceable accessories

Even changing the handles on the kitchen cabinets and tables, you can refresh the entire interior. And if you, also, will add a few bright accents in the form of bright colorful plates or curtains and tablecloths to match them, the disadvantages of furniture and no one will pay attention!

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