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Glass Wall Panels in the KitchenOne of the interesting options are glass panels, which are mounted on the wall instead of ceramic tile.
These elements can be used where protection from water and the walls of the most polluted. For these reasons, they are more likely to apply in the kitchen. Glass panels cover the area of the wall between the countertop and wall cabinets, creating a perfectly smooth surface, tight stenersenmuseet to water, grease, heat, here are the main properties of the glass. It is important to note that the panels are very easy to keep clean.

They do not require protection or special care. For aesthetic and hygienic reasons offered for sale the panels are made with a large surface area to minimize the number of connections. Thus, there is no connecting joints, which accumulate dirt, promoting growth of bacteria.

In addition to the above amenities, the glass is undeniable decorative element. When ordering, you can create a composition in accordance with your own idea. You can use your photos, reproductions of paintings or photo masters. Such examples are endless, it all depends on your ingenuity and creativity.


The glass panels are made of tempered glass, 5 mm thick on the technology of multilayer lamination. It is in thermal connection between a vacuum of several layers of glass, a decorative layer, aluminum foil and a protective layer (bottom), made of polyvinyl chloride or other glass. The quality of the materials used ensures that the panel is robust even to atmospheric conditions and is not deformed.


Installation is made after installation of kitchen furniture and household appliances. Basically apply fasteners (dowels, screws, gaskets), which firmly secure the panel to the wall. You can install in 30 minutes. The use of glass in the kitchen is a modern alternative to the traditional design. Glass panels in the kitchen will not only refresh and beautify its appearance, but also to improve conditions for the maintenance of cleanliness.

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