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The Combination of Style and Color    When we come to the idea about changing the interior, in our preferences, we push off not only from taste predilections, but we also reflect on many factors: for example, the estimated cost of the design, old decorative items, which we would like to save, etc. And of course, we instinctively want to surround ourselves with colors, which can make us feel most comfortable and cozy.

Colors can have a various influences on the human. Red is aggressive, so not everyone can afford himself it, and blue, on the contrary, has a sedative effect on the nervous system, so it is often used in interior rooms for recreation, for example in the bedroom. Bright shades of yellow, orange and green will give sense of joy and carelessness. This color range is better to use when you make a child’s room.

That is: creating a design of any room you must be guided by the knowledge of all the colors of the spectrum and certainly consider these important points. Speaking about the relationship of color and style, we can observe historically specific cultural traditions: according to the basic rules you should remember that not every color has right to exist in a given interior.

Some people can argue with this view, stating that every designer’s approach is unpredictable and creative moment, which has the full right to self-actualization. But we should not forget that the designer creates for the benefit of the customer, therefore, the interior of the home should be comfortable for the hosts.

However, often, there are exceptions, when the customer asks to create something extravagant in the house: with red walls and black ceilings. Nevertheless, in most cases, the color blends with the style. Different historical eras have certain color combinations, and creating a modern interior, you should not neglect the canons which have been emerged during a long time.

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