The combination of colors in the interior

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The combination of colors in the interior

Any designer knows that the interior of the apartment or house begins with a choice of color, but rather with color combinations premises. Correct color and gives style and pleasant atmosphere in the interior. Thus, the combination of colors in the interior can be quite diverse. It can be both warm and cold combinations, tuck and bright, pastel colors, contrasting or similar shades of color. It is considered that the interior is much better to combine the three primary colors and a few extras. Thus, in a residential area rarely used local color in its pure form, is most often used exactly the shade of color. On this basis, tasteful shades allow to combine the incompatible colors.

One of the most important points in the combination of colors of the interior is that you cannot use more than 5 colors, and it is better to choose the 3 main colors and combine with their shades. First, choose the main color for the interior, then select the background that enhance its perception or weaken.

Top Interior Brands

Many designers all colors are divided into 2 types: gamma cold and warm. Typically, the cold colours include blue, which is always associated with ice, and the most warm – can be considered as orange, reminiscent of the sun. The color palette can transform a room, but also can ruin it. The shades of color fades from cold to warm, you can visually alter the space and pridavat a certain charm to the room.

4 key combination of colors in the interior

1. Using shades of the same color – from the pale to the deepest. For example, decorate the room in three colors: pale green, green, dark green.
2. The use of colours to complement each other.
3. The use of contrasts. Stylish look is achieved by mixing red and white, green, blue, orange, green-blue, black, yellow, blue, black, lime color with violet.
4. The application of the surrounding colors. Usually this number does not exceed three. Look good together orange, ochre and yellow, and green, turquoise and blue.

Recommendations on the choice of colors for the interior

Recommendations on the choice of colors for the interior

* The interior, where the main background color is 75%, and adjacent tones – 25%, is considered to have completed most competently and correctly. The remaining 5% are bright colors.
* Advise for the background to choose a neutral color, and contrast add with interior items and furniture.
* Also use as the main colors, pastel blue, pink, peach, beige.
* The color scheme of the room can be the same or different for each zone. It is necessary to use smooth transitions from one color to another.

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