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Ombre Effect in Interior DesignOmbre is a new interior trend, which is based on the color change from dark to light tints or from one shade to another. This technique can also be called “degrade” or “gradient” and it can be used in a variety of details while designing the interior. In this article we gathered some interesting ideas about where and how Ombre effect can be applied in the interior of an apartment or an office.

Ombre in the decoration of walls

Of course, Ombre on the walls will be more noticeable. At the same time this effect can be used in absolutely any room, the main thing is to choose the right colors. However, the implementation of such ideas requires skillful approach since here ultimate accuracy of the artist with experience is needed. The artist must be able to create a color transition using a nebulizer or small strokes, which is quite difficult, especially on a large surface.

But using Ombre effect in the interior, especially on walls, it is important to remember that in rooms with low and standard ceilings, darker shades should be at the bottom. This will visually increase the height of the space. Happy owners of spacious rooms where the ceiling level is above 3.5 meters, can express their imagination and experiment with a gradient in any directions.

Ombre in designing windows

Textile manufacturers have not missed the opportunity to support such a fashion trend, so finding the right tissue with Ombre effect today will not take many efforts. In window decorations especially effective are lightweight materials, such as silk, linen, cotton and organza. Gradient on these curtains will create a feeling of lightness. There are tissues, where the gradient is applied like watercolor, with careless, but picturesque strokes. Such an option is a great opportunity to create an original and characteristic design of the window, as well as harmoniously complement the overall design.

Linens with Ombre effect

Since we have already determined that textile manufacturers keep up with fashion trends, and the linens were and remain a full part of the overall design of any bedroom, it is simply impossible to ignore this stroke. But despite the fact that tissues with Ombre effect now abound, to find a suitable and quality linen with color transition is not an easy task.

Ombre interior design

Ombre effect in the interior can be expressed using the furniture. This technique is particularly relevant in relation to the frame structures: cupboards and drawer units, that come with doors or drawers. In this case you do not have to look for finished colored furniture, because it can be done by hand, painting the finished design. For this you need only one can of white paint and one color of the desired color. By mixing them, you can get shades with different saturation, which will create the effect of Ombre.

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