How to Use Red Color in the Interior

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How to Use Red Color in the Interior
Red is the color that most attracts attention, and this has both advantages and disadvantages when used in the interiors of apartments and houses.

Main advantages

      * Even the minimal “inclusion” of red can completely transform and make a boring design stylish;
      * Competently and tastefully used red in the interior invigorates, energizes, enhances mood.


      * Using too much red is tiring, it is very difficult to stay in a “too red” room.

Features and interesting use cases

The abundance of red color in the interior requires high ceilings and a large area, as the space that is dominated by red looks smaller than it actually is.

And another important feature of the red – it is expressive when it is not used much. For example, a lamp with a red shade, a picture in red shades or in a red frame, a red vase or chandelier are often more effective than the crimson wallpaper.

A great option of using red in the interior of the house is through curtains. During the day they can be gathered, and red will not be too much, and in the evening the color will look darker, will not be bright, but it will help create a sense of warmth and coziness.

In the design of a child’s room it is better to avoid a large amount of red, especially for a very active child, but red accents will be fine making the interior more cheerful. Furthermore, children usually love this color, and it would be nice for the child to stop looking at bright red toys, furniture and other things.

About shades of red

About shades of red
If you want to create an interior in which there is a lot of red, then choose not pure red, but any of its shades. And if it is often hot in the room, it is better to choose a cool shade: wine, burgundy, crimson. If you would like to make a room “warmer”, then a warm shade of red would fit: red, coral, brick.

Be careful in mixing three or more shades of red in the interior of the room – they are rarely combined with each other, especially if they are given a large area. Although, for example, in creating the interior in the Indian style simultaneously juicy red tones and tones that are close to pink and orange may be present.

Saturated shades of red, purple, burgundy, often in combination with gold and precious wood furniture are traditional for interiors in oriental styles.

In a classic interior red usually acts as an accent. Things in shades of crimson, purple and red-purple look great.

Combination of red with other colors

Combination of red with other colors

The brighter and more are red accents in the room, the calmer should be the rest of the interior in color. So, for example, a combination of red and green might look cheap, but it can also be very stylish. Alternatively, a combination of red and blue – in different proportions, which are different for each interior, it can be tiring and irritating to the eyes or else it may seem gorgeous.

If you are not sure that red color in the interior will please you, use textiles and small objects, souvenirs. In this case, if the result is not what you expected or if you get bored quickly, you can easily make changes.

The combination of red and black is beautiful, but it can be too dramatic. The combination of red and white, as well as red and purple is classic. Lilac shade of purple is ideal.

Red and grey complement each other perfectly: red furniture or textile on the background of grey walls looks more expressive, grey color becomes deeper and noble.

Finally, the best “neighbors” of red are the colors of brown range. Beige and brown interior with coral or scarlet accents is a kind of classic, one of the best color combinations in the interior.

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