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Green Wallpaper and Color Combinations in Interior    Therapists have long noticed that the overall color of the walls of the room is able to affect person’s mood, well-being and performance. Green wallpaper in the interior is suitable for both office and for home decoration. Shades of green used in the interior can make you feel a sense of total harmony, warmth and tranquility.

Since this color sets to tranquility, it is preferably used in the bedrooms. It helps a person to relax and rest properly. Green also is capable of performing miracles in office. This color does not distract, sets to a working mood, plunges into the atmosphere of the business environment, increases efficiency. The secret of this the color lies in its natural palette. This means that people in the room with green walls will experience a feeling of spaciousness and independence.

Color Combinations of Green in the Interior

Green is a universal color, akin to the classic red, white and black. It can be combined with all the dark shades – blue, purple, black. There are no special restrictions when it comes to combining green with other colors. Pale green wallpaper in the interior and in combination with light colors will look very good in the interior.

Green plus white

Color schemes for combining bright colors with green wallpaper.
White is one of the most neutral colors that is suitable for combination with all the others. Designers around the world very often use a combination of white with green and consider it the most advantageous and battered. Green is good as it’s ease and unobtrusive, it will not create a feeling of heaviness. In addition, white-green room will not look boring, especially if you use two or three shades of green, smooth transitions, or, conversely, contrasting solutions. Tandem of white and green are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, can be used in the kitchen and bathroom.

Green plus beige

Beige with green looks just as good as white with green. But such a solution has a greater advantage – it is that beige color can be much more than white. This is due to the fact that white by nature is dominant, and the beige is softer. Green color of beige becomes more soft and gentle. To enhance this effect, you can use the furniture terracotta and chocolate colors. And in combination with yellow, red, salmon and lemon decorations can get unique combination in the interior.

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