Green Color in the Interior

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Green Color in the Interior

Creating an interior in green does not involve the use of green is absolutely for everything: walls, upholstery, curtains, etc. One need only slightly accents, so that your room is beginning to look completely different. For example, lay on the parquet floor rug in shades of green, or add green accessories. It could be a vase, and sets, and paintings, in which the advantage goes to the green and its shades. A special place in creation of interior design in green tones occupies ornamental plants and vases. They perform not only an aesthetic function, but also enliven the interior space creates a feeling of comfort.

Concerning the design of rooms, the green should be used with certain caution.

For the living room, for example, would be sufficient to create only a few green spots, to revive the general atmosphere of this room. Here you can lay a green carpet on the floor, or choose furniture with green upholstery, and walls to keep bright. Mustard shade of the walls with dark brown furniture is very harmonious. Some aristocratism will be inherent in your living room, if you use the furniture in white against the green walls.

As for the bedroom, the green color will be most welcome here, because green has a kind of hypnotic effect. Pale green wallpaper, curtains of light shades of green, light green linen and lampshades in bedside lamps will help you to fall asleep, to restore the supply of energy and vitality.

For the design of your kitchen is better to make a green one thing, such as walls, or choose a green dish, because the green reduces appetite and can cause a feeling of mild discomfort. So here is an important measure.

Green color is best suited for interior design of office. The combination of dark green color with the color of gold has long bore a touch of luxury and reliability. Well here will look emerald or malachite shades wall or floor tiles in combination with dark furniture. Do not forget that green is also the color of money, because such a study will bring its owner to prosperity and success.

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