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Gray and Pink Interior Design

Gray and pink are the two colors that go well together. The neutral gray makes for an elegant understated background for various pinks shades from loud candy pink to muted grayish pinks. While bright pinks are more energetic they are best used in high traffic areas like living room or hallway. For creating a bedroom design it’s better to opt for dusty pinks and lighter shades of gray.Choosing Shades

When choosing the shades for your gray pink color scheme make sure they go well together and create the feel you’re after. Lighter shades will make for a romantic, elegant and very calm atmosphere while the brighter and darker shades will create a contrasting energetic look. Somewhere in between you could find an interesting and unconventional combination. For instance, by choosing a reddish pink or bluish gray shade. Undertones are also important when choosing shades for a color scheme.

Mixing & Matching

Gray and pink look good together whether it’s pink on gray or the other way around. But throwing in some neutrals or even other colors might too yield great results. If you want something subtle to mix up your color scheme opt for colors like brown, beige, black, and white. Other contrasting bright will also look good with gray just make sure they look good with pink as well.

Adding Detail

Prints and patterns make a great addition to gray pink interior designs. For a playful look opt for stripes and polka dots. For a more sophisticated look however go for florals. Make sure patterns and prints fit into your color scheme and add the needed detail to it.

It is already a long time that grey isn’t considered boring faded and faceless color. Designers of all sorts and kinds unanimously proclaimed its relevance, tight-stylishness and elegance However, in interior grey details and decor will look quite appropriate.

Not everyone will like to paint the walls, floor and ceiling completely in grey color. And it is not necessary. It’s enough to choose the most relevant color, for example, metallic, and combine it with pale pink.

This combination was very modern in 1980, and in this season it is once again popular among interior designers. Therefore, they boldly offer us concrete floors and walls, wallpaper of pearl colors, metal furniture with cold chrome shine and ashy curtains. After all, grey has a magical property to emphasize the dignity of different materials and textures. Grey also makes the other colors to play in new ways. Here is the pink color combined with grey revealing its advantages maximally. If you want change the color palette or the whole color of your interior design based on these colors, remember that as a background it is best to take light-grey. Pink color in this case may be bright and saturated, gray will neutralize it. Such a combination is appropriate for any interior! And if you care about your figure grey-pink range is perfect for kitchen decor: it is proved that this combination dampens appetite.

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