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Brown Color in the InteriorTrendy brown in the interior is associated with earth, bark, spices, coffee and chocolate. This “natural color” can be used in all types of premises without restriction. Brown in the interior will best of all rhyme with bright or light colors.

Brown and white is a classic combination. Here all the shades of both colors are appropriate. White makes brown more saturated and expressive. Brown deprives white color of neutrality and sterility.

The combination of brown and white colors in the interior with small accents of scarlet and pink is also a good option in the design of rooms, living room or children’s room.

The combination of purple and brown colors is suitable for a living room. The main thing is to correctly calculate the proportions and determine what would be the background color and choose the shades correspondingly so that they are in harmony.

Green, with shades of pistachio and brown colors in the interior almost always looks like a win-win. Natural combination is very popular nowadays.

Brown color also looks nice in combination with blue and orange. Brown often becomes background color and dominates in the interior. Less commonly, brown, orange and blue colors can be used in the interior in equal proportions.

Red and brown combination is usually used in the decoration of furniture and accessories. Red curtains and brown walls are considered to be a classic combination.

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