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Blue and Orange in Interior Design

We have become so accustomed to the traditional color schemes in interior design that nonstandard solutions arouse real interest in us. So, choosing a win-win black and white, creamy chocolate or blue-navy color combination, you do not risk anything, but at the same time you won’t surprise anyone by using these color combinations. So today we decided to consider unusual, spectacular and fresh combination of blue and orange in interior design.

How to choose the right shades

At first glance it may seem that orange-blue interior will look too gaudy, bright and even intrusive. In fact, the root of this idea lies in the correct selection of shades. These two colors are derivative and may include certain impurities of tones. Thus, for example, orange can be almost coral or yellow, and blue can be approximated to the aquamarine, turquoise and even cobalt.

Temperature of shades can also be adjusted, depending on personal preferences. Therefore, if you do not want to take risks, but want to make your interior extraordinary, it is better to use pastel or rich, but muted shades. Creative and courageous people can try to “play” with the brightest, almost fluorescent colors.

How to determine the ideal balance

There are almost no such examples, where orange and blue color in the interior would be used in equal proportions. Experts recommend choosing one of them as the dominant, and the second – in the role of complement. Traditionally, blue becomes the main color, because it is less aggressive and not so quickly “bores”. Orange, in turn, is most often used in accents. Of course, you can give priority to any of these colors, but try to keep the proportion of 7:3.

What textures to use

If you decide on a blue and orange interior, you shouldn’t ignore the textures to be used in the design. The fact is that different textures (especially with regard to textiles) may differently affect the color.

For example, blue curtains of identical shade of silk and velvet will look completely dissimilar. This is due to the fact that the gloss does not “absorb” light, as does the pile, but rather gives it away. However, if your idea is based on muted colors, you’d better use matted and piled textures.

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