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Landscaping your GardenLandscaping your garden allows you to use your imagination and creativity as well as it can be very relaxing and fulfilling once you see the result of your work. But, despite of this, this task involves specific knowledge and several techniques which you should be aware of in order to succeed and create an appealing design.

Before you start landscaping your garden, you must have a clear plan and idea of what you will do. In order to plan your landscape, you should first consider several factors, such as if you have children, if you have pets, if you plan on placing a pool, and what you wish to grow. A garden landscape will imply different requirements depending on what you will grow in it: flowers, plants, trees, or vegetables.

Also, before planning your garden design, try to have a clear idea on what your budget for it is, and how much available time you have to work on it. Once you have all these factors clear, you should proceed to measure the space in which you will work and if possible make a drawing of it as accurately as possible.

There are many different elements you can consider when landscaping your garden. Depending on the different factors that affect your specific case, you should consider, for example, lawn, an herb garden, a children’s play area, shade trees, a garden seat, a pond, a vegetable garden, flowers, and statues or other ornaments.

Always keep in mind the space and dimensions of your garden. Try to avoid adding too many elements to the garden, respect its dimensions. A garden which has so many elements that walking around and circulating is difficult is not welcoming or attractive. If your garden is very small, then plan it as simple as possible, trying to keep enough free space for circulating easily in it. On the other hand, if your garden is very big, try to divide it in different areas and work each one of them separately, while keeping in mind a harmonious result when the work is completed and the garden is seen as a whole.

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