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French Style GardenFrench style garden was born and reached its peak and perfection in France, during the reign of king Louis XIV – the age of absolute monarchy. Just in France for the first time began to grow gardens, the shape, size and structure are entirely subordinated to the wishes and aspirations of man. It was the call of the wild man of the surrounding nature, in which he could not order and not random build.

In the basis of landscape garden design French style laid the approach identifies the order as in the main building and in detail. The breakdown landscape performed exceptionally smooth lines that outline the geometrically regular shapes, and curves, and the curves correspond to the lines with a pair of compasses and a pattern. Trees and shrubs in the garden French French steelstyle planted exclusively in straight rows and grouped by type of crown and sizes – one row of trees and shrubs, for example, represents a spherical shape, and the other pyramid. The garden creates an atmosphere of celebration, solemnity and sublimity. Artificial construction of the garden is fully displaces the natural wildlife, and a high wall or fence even more stress created man-made world.

Decoration of the French garden are ponds, fountains and numerous cascades. Also a great tool jewelry become sculptures and statues in the ancient style, which had to philosophical reflection and gave the garden beauty. The separation zones of the garden of the French style made in the form of green and smoothly trimmed trees and shrubs. The species of trees and shrubs in garden chosen on the basis of the possibilities, give them the desired geometric shape and size when cutting for a short period of time. Luxury French style Landscape will satpreet the combination of simple forms with elaborate forms of exotic plants. Part of the garden in the French style, and his pride has always been smooth and trimmed the lawn, which makes the garden splendor and order.

Given a smooth build rows, place under a landscaped garden choose on level ground. When elevation is the future of the garden are several flat areas reinforced retaining walls and connected by stairs. The breakdown of the French garden also includes the creation of two observation points for the perception of the beauty of the Park is the one place this is the main entrance to the garden, and the other should be on a hill, offering a panoramic view of established garden. In the case of level ground elevation was high and majestic edifice of the Palace. Maintaining strict symmetry in building, garden requires constant care – cutting of trees, shrubs and lawns.

French styleFrench style is most often used for decoration of prestigious buildings of state institutions, municipal authorities, theatres, museums, hotels. At the same time the French style of gardening can be successfully used for landscaping the grounds in front of a country house, driveway, walkways. Because many of the styles created by man, are increasingly building a garden is done using a combination of different styles. So the garden, the front of which is decorated in a French style might be in a different place to go in a different style. It is important to create a garden, which over the years would not generally hopeless and appealing to positive emotions atmosphere. For this purpose, in the construction of a garden it is better to use smooth and symmetrical lines without excessive flatulence and additional decorations. Well to create the garden a place where you can be yourself, clearing negative emotions and stress after a hard day. To this end we can offer semi-circular gazebo with bench and table shielded from the gaze of dense hedges or vines on poles.

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