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Double the Size of Your GardenDo you wish you had more room for a bigger garden. You can double the size of your garden and grow more vegetables with what is called a vertical gardening. With a vertical garden using a trellis, you can actually double the size of your garden without digging up more of your yard.

Double the Size of your Garden by Growing Food Vertically

You want to grow more and different vegetables but either do not want to dig up anymore lawn or don’t have the room for a larger garden. You can double the size of your garden easily by growing vegetables vertically on supports and using what is called trellis netting.

If you have a 6 foot wood fence around your yard or even one side, you can put trellis netting along the fence and more than double your garden size. If your garden is backed by a fence a house or shed, you can put the trellis up along the walls. If your garden is out in the open, you can make supports for the trellis using 1 inch by 2 inch furring strips and staple or tack the trellis to the strips.

You might have a deck in your backyard with a dull or vacant area under it; you could support the trellis netting on the deck. Vertical gardening can add beauty to your yard with a green wall of growing vegetables. These vegetables growing up a trellis wouldn’t take up much room on the ground, just a strip of dirt for the base of the vegetable plant.

Trellis Netting Material

Trellis Netting MaterialYou can make your own trellis out of chicken wire or there are commercial brands of trellis netting. Ross makes trellis netting made of polypropylene and will not rot in the ultraviolet of the sun, so it is reusable year after year. Other commercially available trellis netting includes the Gardener’s Blue Ribbon Sturdy Vine Trellis made of a lightweight string material.

The Ross trellis netting comes in sizes of 6×8′, 6×12′ and 6×18′. The Gardener’s Blue Ribbon trellis netting is 5×8′. If you have a lot of extra room for vertical gardening, you can combine the trellis netting for a large vertical garden. With just one trellis netting, you have almost doubled the size of your garden and the amount of vegetables you can grow.

Combining Vertical Gardening with a Container Garden

If you don’t have much room for a garden and would like to grow the large vegetables that vine all over, you can still grow them in a container garden using the trellis netting. Use a 5 pound container as a minimum size, probably 10 pound will work better or you can build your own container. Find smaller varieties of the vegetables. Use poles, like bamboo or plastic for supports and put the trellis netting around the supports.

Other Uses for Trellis Netting

You can make your own tomato cages using supports and wrap the trellis netting around the tomatoes. Use it as a quick and cheap fence around your garden to keep out the cherry tomato eating family dog, rabbits or dear. Use it to make a bin to hold your compost pile. And you can also use it as a cover over newly planted vegetables to keep the birds off of the vegetables. Vertical gardening also includes having the trellis netting above the garden to hold up plants and teepee type designs for vegetables that vine.

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