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Painting a DoorsAlthough painting a door usually seems and is a very easy task, there are some important tips you might want to take into account in order to do the work as good as possible. A door is an important detail in the design and appearance of any room or building, and the way we paint it might have an important impact on the impression it causes to those who walk in to the room.

Before you start painting a door, you should make sure of covering the doorknob, the hinges, and the strike bolt. If you do not do so, you will surely end up painting over them and removing that paint will probably be more difficult than simply covering them before you start. Besides this, you should also try to take the door off of its hinges, since this will allow you to work more comfortably and paint it better. If you do take it off its hinges, put it over two sawhorses or lean it against a wall with two blocks under it.

Also, before painting the door, you should search for any possible holes or cracks in it, and if you find them you should cover them with putty or an epoxy filler. After this, your door will be ready to be painted. When painting it, you should make sure of painting it in the direction of the grain, and start by the area where the door closes into. After you have painted that area, you should continue by the trim around it, and paint the front and the back at the end.

An important tip you should have in mind is to avoid loading too much paint on the paintbrush, since this might cause painting to go into the details of the door. Also, try to avoid using a roller, since even when a door is very flat, a roller will not cause a good effect on it and the painting will not look as good as it will with a paintbrush.

If you are wondering what kind of paint to use, you should go for glossy or semi gloss paint. Glossy and semi gloss paint are very easy to clean and endure for a long time, while also look good on doors, being therefore a great choice. If you are not satisfied on how it looks after the first coat, you should apply a second one, but not until the first is completely dry.

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