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Garage Door OpenersAutomatic garage door openers are best suited to open heavy garage doors. This prevents having to bend over and exert pressure on the back. Also, they can be operated from a distance even from inside the car, so the question of getting out in the chilly breeze to open a heavy garage door does not arise.

There are three main types of garage door openers: chain drive, screw drive and belt drive mechanism. Out of these, the belt drive mechanism openers are very expensive, while the chain drive mechanism openers are the most popular and affordable.

Many manufacturers offer a computer-controlled drive mechanism that uses no chain or screw. A screw drive system uses a lifting mechanism that moves along a threaded steel rod. These units are powerful and they require the least maintenance. A chain drive system uses a metal chain to lift the door up and down along its tracks. These are inexpensive but they make more noise than screw drives. People who own homes with multiple garage doors are generally very interested in the newer remote controls. Some are equipped with multiple buttons that allow you to open the door of your choice. This system offers the greatest protection from thieves who might want to grab the code from thin air and open the door when the owner is not at home.

Garage door openers are dedicated to providing quality gate openers and access control devices at affordable prices. It also enhances security for the owner’s property, along with providing convenience and peace of mind. Some garage door openers are far noisier than others. Keeping the garage door hardware well-lubricated will also keep operational noise down.

If one has a large or heavy door, then instead of a basic 1/3 horsepower opener it’s better to select a more powerful garage door opener. Garage door springs are under considerable tension. Garage door openers can be dangerous if not properly installed, maintained, tested and operated. Someone may mistakenly shut a garage door, and there have been unfortunate incidents when people have been trapped under heavy garage doors when they have shut unexpectedly. Children should be supervised by an adult whenever in or around the garage area.

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