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Four Ideas for Entry Doors DesignsThe entrance door is really the “face” of your home. It sets the mood and character of things to come. An entry door not only provides security and privacy – it can represent your personality and preferences. For instance, if you’re an artist, do you really want just a plain wooden door? Or do you want one of your works reproduced in wrought iron and glass? The entrance door can be as exciting as the rest of your home. Here are a few entrance door design ideas based on the look you want to achieve:

Art Deco: If you’re modern and like minimalism, go for doors and accessories with straight, smooth lines. Just a plain wooden door with a sleek steel handle would do. To infuse more drama into your door, you can use glass or laminate to add geometric patterns like lines, stripes, circles of squares.

Ethnic Indian: Entrance doors can have an ethnic Indian look if they are made with indigenous wood like teak or sheesham. Buy carved doors depicting Indian scenes. Alternately you can also have a distressed wooden door with tough iron nails (only for effect), much like old village or fort doors. These doors are available with leading door manufacturers across the country.

Bohemian: If your personality is more wild and carefree, perhaps entry doors with a Bohemian touch will be more your style. Play with materials like UPVC, wood, glass and wrought iron. You can decorate your door with colourful bangles stuck all over it or even stick a mosaic tile with a customized design on it. Whatever you do, make sure your doors entry is not restricted by your artwork. You could also paint your favourite motif on your door in bright colours.

Western classic: If you prefer the subtle class of Western decor then these doors are for you. Choose wooden doors in complete wood or with toughened stained glass. Choose doors that are lightly carved in Western or geometric patterns. You can add a carved brass knocker in the shape of a cherub or unicorn or any other Western motif.

And if you really want to combine practicality with style, you might want to consider UPVC doors. UPVC is an eco-friendly material because it helps to conserve energy in your home. It is easy to maintain, is water-proof, dust-proof, termite-proof and sound-proof. It also gives you flexibility in design, so you can incorporate any of the above looks with it. So remember, before you dismiss your front door as a non-entity, think again. It will define the look of your home and will be as much part of the decor as anything else.

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