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Dog DoorsDog doors, often referred to as doggie doors or pet doors, are miniature swinging doors that are installed in a door or wall. They allow your dog or cat to access the backyard without someone to let them in and out. A dog door helps your dog reach the outside world quicker. A dog door also solves the problem of scratched wooden doors or torn plastic screens.

There are many different sizes of dog doors. They are available in all sizes and are designed for traditional wooden doors as well as sliding glass doors. There are some dog doors that have magnetic and electric doors which are triggered open by a key which hangs from your dog’s collar. The key to finding the right dog door is to first measure your dog’s height and width. Then determine which door in the house you would like to designate the dog door for. Next, consider how much you would like to spend on a dog door.

A dog door can be installed by cutting a square hole through the door or wall. Most door models come with a template and instructions. A facing and backing frame slide into each other through the hole, creating a step-through where the flap hangs. While placing the template on the wall or door, take into account how tall your pet is. Your pet should be able to step through easily and naturally by just lowering its head to push the door open.

There are also specialty dog doors that are spring-loaded, installed without tools and easily removable. Most dog doors are very inexpensive. A spring-fitted tall glass or acrylic pane with aluminum frame dog door runs about $200.

As so many of you have discovered, a dog door is the answer to the annoying problem of being on door duty 24 hours a day. Your dog is free to come and go, and you may forget the messy litter trays, ruined carpets, scratched doors and night time trips to let your dog out.

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