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Air DoorsFor the separation of the space there are walls or doors. But sometimes we want something light. Do you want to make your home original? For this purpose you may use originally designed series of hanging laces, which can be called mobile or “air” doors. They will be very convenient in areas where you need to hide a niche or to divide the space into sectors for recreation, reception or work.

A perfect solution would be their application for the passages that lead to the veranda or to the garden. “Air” doors will originally decorate a holiday cottage or a country house too. Of course you can buy such doors, but you can do it yourself because each of us can create such beauty.

There are several variants for the making of such doors:

1. Soutache interplaced with braids, brightly colored threads or tapes look beautiful. The brush at the bottom will add easiness to them.

2. Pieces should be cut with ordinary rope at the height of doors. To give them a finished form you can tie the ends into a knot and comb them. As a result you will get an original brush-tail.

3. You should tie knots at the entire length of the rope or lace, placing a bead on each of them. It can be either wooden or plastic. To make the length of the rope sufficient to the height of the doors, it should be meted out to the reserve.

4. For the production of “air” doors plastic or metal rings to hang curtains will also fit. Winding them with lace or tape, connect them with each other about using the same tape. It is not obligatory to winding the rings with the braid.

5. The technique of macrame for the manufacturing of “air” door will also be suitable. You can create curtains of unique colors and softness from threads of any color. Its advantage is the absolute calmness in comparison with solid materials. Even at night the noise from the curtain of macrame will not be heard. You can pass by quietly without the fear to bother the holidaymakers.

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