Installing Bullnose Base Trim

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1. Dry-fit the tiles to determine the best spacing. Grout lines in base tile do not always align with grout lines in the floor tile. Use rounded bullnose tiles at outside corners, and mark tiles for cutting as needed.

Installing Bullnose Base Trim2. Leaving a 1/8″ expansion gap between tiles at corners, mark any contour cuts necessary to allow the coved edges to fit together. Use a jigsaw with a tungsten-carbide blade to make curved cuts.

Leaving a 1/8" expansion gap between tiles at corners3. Begin installing base-trim tiles at an inside corner. Use a notched trowel to apply wall adhesive to the back of the tile. Place 1/8″ spacers on the floor under each tile to create an expansion joint.

Begin installing base-trim tiles4. Press the tile onto the wall. Continue setting tiles, using spacers to maintain 1⁄8″ gaps between the tiles and 1/8″ expansion joints between the tiles and floor.

Press the tile onto the wall5. Use a double-bullnose tile on one side of outside corners to cover the edge of the adjoining tile.

Use a double-bullnose tile6. After the adhesive dries, grout the vertical joints between tiles and apply grout along the tops of the tiles to make a continuous grout line. Once the grout hardens, fill the expansion joint between the tiles and floor with caulk.After the adhesive dries

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