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Top Treatments

What is a top treatment? The basic definition is that it is a “short” treatment that can stand on its own as a beautiful accent; or can embellish an existing treatment. Top treatments can be fussy and elegant, soft and charming, or even boxy and regimented. A cornice is a wood frame made to fit… Read More »


Shades are not just the simple white vinyl rollers you may have seen hanging in your grandmother’s home. Shades are also available in wood, fabric and synthetic materials. And, like curtains and draperies, they can be very tailored – or lush and soft. When categorizing shades, you need to look at them as being available… Read More »


With their structured simplicity, blinds are universally appealing. They are compact, capable of completely disappearing into a headrail with just the pull of a cord (or not – we’ll address that shortly), and are able to fulfill many requirements most people have when looking for a window treatment, including privacy and sun control. Blinds are… Read More »

Curtains and Draperies

In many homes, it is the fabric window treatment that commands the focal point of the room – far more often than any piece of furniture ever could. What is it about fabric at the window that makes such a compelling statement? Of course, it can soften the architecture of a room, but it also… Read More »


There are many types of shutters but whatever kind you choose, note that the same four components are usually present. 1. Rails. These pieces are structural and range in height from approximately two inches to about 4.5″ depending upon the height of the panel and the size of the louver. 2. Louvers. Rotating on a… Read More »