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Wood as a decoration and enhancement to a room is a wonder to behold: consider patina, texture, craftsmanship, warmth, artisanship – all there in the beauty of natural woodwork and how it takes hold of the senses upon entering a room, captivating us with its warmth and delighting us with its threedimensional beauty. It is… Read More »

Tile and Stone Walls

Tile and Stone is a hardwearing, enduring material, falling under the category of masonry. What is masonry? Well, the word can describe two related things both the material used, as well as the actual construction, using those materials. Beyond rough and cut stone and ceramic tile, masonry materials include brick, plaster and stucco, and various… Read More »


Today, after suffering through recent decades of neutrally painted surfaces and faux paint finishes, wallpaper is drawing in both young and old alike with its wide range of possibilities, capable of satisfying any decorating urge. Prints are back in fashion, with influences coming from flowers and leaves, and bold, graphic retro motifs are snowballing as… Read More »


Today, a host of latex, environmentally-friendly and low VOC paint and finish products rule our roosts, with sales in the billions of dollars yearly. Paint made from clay, bees wax, mineral dye, milk protein and more offer pleasant citrus fragrances while drying or some have no fragrance whatsoever. There are two basic types of “finish”… Read More »


Of all the wall coverings available, nothing says luxury like a fabric wall or ceiling treatment. Soft to the touch, insulating (both temperature and sound), colorful and capable of covering a multitude of wall flaws, fabric can convey an emotional aspect in a room unlike nothing else. For a luxurious feel, drape the fabric in… Read More »