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Installing a Toilet

1. Clean and inspect the old closet flange. Look for breaks or wear. Also inspect the flooring around the flange. If either the flange or floor is worn or damaged, repair the damage. Use a rag and mineral spirits to completely remove residue from the old wax ring. Place a rag-in-a-bag into the opening to… Read More »

Removing a Toilet

1. Remove the old supply tube. First, turn off the water at the stop valve. Flush the toilet, holding the handle down for a long flush, and sponge out the tank. Use a wet vac to clear any remaining water out of the tank and bowl. Unthread the coupling nut for the water supply below… Read More »

Installing a Pop-up Drain

1. Put a basin under the trap to catch water. Loosen the nuts at the outlet and inlet to the trap J-bend by hand or with channel-type pliers and remove the bend. The trap will slide off the pop-up body tailpiece when the nuts are loose. Keep track of washers and nuts and their up/down… Read More »

Installing a Single-body Faucet

1. High-quality faucets come with flexible plastic gaskets that create a durable watertight seal at the bottom of the faucet, where it meets the sink deck. However, an inexpensive faucet may have a flimsy-looking foam seal that doesn’t do a good job of sealing and disintegrates after a few years. If that is the case… Read More »

Installing a Widespread Faucet

   1. Insert the shank of the faucet spout through one of the holes in the sink deck (usually the center hole, but you can offset it in one of the end holes if you prefer). If the faucet is not equipped with seals or O-rings for the spout and handles, pack plumber’s putty on the… Read More »