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Green Landscapes

As any backyard gardener knows, getting things to grow involves a great deal of trial and error – and also time, money, patience, and even wonder: How can it be that your next-door neighbor has more perfect tomatoes than she knows what to do with when all you can produce is a handful of mealy… Read More »

Planting Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are packaged three different ways for sale: with a bare root, container-grown, and balled-and-burlapped. Bare root specimens (left) are the most wallet-friendly, but you must plant them during the dormant season, before growing begins. Container-grown plants (center) are smaller and take years to achieve maturity, but you can plant them any time—preferably… Read More »

Landscape Beds

Landscape beds a plain, green yard and provide supple ground for growing perennials, annuals, vegetables, or whatever greenscape you choose to plant. Use your imagination! Beds can be dug to create borders in an outdoor living room, or they may be positioned as “islands” in a sea of green back yard. The shape, size, and… Read More »

Landscape Tools

The landscaper’s tool shed contains a range of basic hand tools, larger specialty tools, masonry tools, and power tools. As you take on projects in this book, you’ll gradually expand your everyday tool box to a well-rounded collection that could easily fill a shed. You may not want to purchase every tool, and that’s where… Read More »

Stones for Landscape

Natural stone offers beautiful color, interesting texture, and great durability, making it one of the very best building materials for outdoor construction. Although it is more expensive than many other materials, if it fits in your budget, you’re not likely to regret choosing stone. It is a good choice for edging, walls, walkways, ponds, fountains,… Read More »