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Alpine Gardens

Alpine garden is your garden of stones and earth in order to recreate the likeness of a mountain landscape. The growth in land prices and the small size of the plots stimulate the search for new architectural and spatial solutions for small home gardens. Impact on the design of home Alpine slides to a large… Read More »

Flagstone Walkway

Natural flagstone is an ideal material for creating landscape floors. It’s attractive and durable and blends well with both formal and informal landscapes. Although flagstone structures are often mortared, they can also be constructed with the sand-set method. Sand-setting flagstones is much faster and easier than setting them with mortar. There are a variety of… Read More »

Flagstone Garden Steps

Flagstone steps are perfect structures for managing natural slopes. Our design consists of broad flagstone treads and blocky ashlar risers, commonly sold as wall stone. The risers are prepared with compactable gravel beds on which the flagstone treads rest. For the project featured here, we purchased both the flagstone and the wall stone in their… Read More »

Dry Stone Wall

Stone walls are beautiful, long-lasting structures that are surprisingly easy to build, provided you plan carefully. A low stone wall can be constructed without mortar using a centuriesold method known as dry laying. With this technique, the wall is actually formed by two separate stacks that lean together slightly. The position and weight of the… Read More »

Rain Gardens

Though a rain garden may seem like a small environmental contribution toward a mammoth effort to clean up our water supply and preserve aquifers, collectively they can produce significant community benefits. For instance, if homeowners in a subdivision each decide to build a rain garden, the neighborhood could avoid installing an unsightly retention pond to… Read More »