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Interior and Relaxation

    Ideally, the layout of the home itself, the choice of style and design solutions in the interior should promote rest and relaxation. However, do not always have the opportunity to implement its plans, or completely redo the existing building. Nevertheless, it is possible to introduce an element of relaxation and peace even in very small… Read More »

The Influence of Color in the Interior on Humans

    Color in the interior is a very powerful tool to influence a human. After all, it can have an effect on our mood, appetite, performance, emotions, and even health. And all this is not a fiction, but already scientifically reasonable and proven facts. Features of influence of color in the interior on human body As… Read More »

Gray and Pink Interior Design

Gray and pink are the two colors that go well together. The neutral gray makes for an elegant understated background for various pinks shades from loud candy pink to muted grayish pinks. While bright pinks are more energetic they are best used in high traffic areas like living room or hallway. For creating a bedroom… Read More »

The Combination of Style and Color

    When we come to the idea about changing the interior, in our preferences, we push off not only from taste predilections, but we also reflect on many factors: for example, the estimated cost of the design, old decorative items, which we would like to save, etc. And of course, we instinctively want to surround ourselves… Read More »

Brown Color in the Interior

Trendy brown in the interior is associated with earth, bark, spices, coffee and chocolate. This “natural color” can be used in all types of premises without restriction. Brown in the interior will best of all rhyme with bright or light colors. Brown and white is a classic combination. Here all the shades of both colors… Read More »