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How to Plant Fall Flower Bulbs

Most people would think of fall as a season when trees are changing colors and dying. For many, the autumn leaves are our last dance with color before the dark, gray winter sets in. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Fall flowers can offer a splash of rebirth and color in a season… Read More »

French Style Garden

French style garden was born and reached its peak and perfection in France, during the reign of king Louis XIV – the age of absolute monarchy. Just in France for the first time began to grow gardens, the shape, size and structure are entirely subordinated to the wishes and aspirations of man. It was the… Read More »

Planning a New Lawn

The expanses of green grass can supply cohesion to the landscape. Or you might view your lawn more as a functional aspect of the landscape. Grass provides a good area for playing any number of games, and keeps feet from getting muddy when it rains. Regardless of your intent, a healthy lawn will be the… Read More »

Soil Mixes

A good mix of soil will help your plants to be healthy and grow well. It is very important to use a good mix when you are growing vegetables in containers. A well prepared bed of soil is fine for growing plants in the garden. But when growing plants in pots, this kind of soil… Read More »

Lighting your Garden

You work hard to keep your garden looking great, but the irony is that you spend little time admiring it because you are gone all day and return only as evening comes. One way to enjoy the fruits of your labor is to install lighting outdoors so that you can appreciate your majestic trees, artfully… Read More »