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Planning a New Lawn

The expanses of green grass can supply cohesion to the landscape. Or you might view your lawn more as a functional aspect of the landscape. Grass provides a good area for playing any number of games, and keeps feet from getting muddy when it rains. Regardless of your intent, a healthy lawn will be the… Read More »

Tile and Stone Flooring

The type of finish you select for your floor is mostly about safety and durability, because the floor is the one surface in your home that will take more abuse than any other. The way a piece of tile or stone is finished not only affects the way it looks, but also how it will… Read More »

Resilient Flooring

Let’s take a closer look at the four types of flooring that make up the resilient category: Vinyl tile and sheet flooring is durable, stain and water resistant and comfortable underfoot. The colors and patterns available are very extensive, ranging from stone and wood looks to natural earth elements such as water and rocks. It… Read More »


If you look at some of the laminate products installed today (and you will often see them used in commercial applications – a testament to durability), you will note that the beauty layer is so realistic, it may be difficult to determine that the flooring is, indeed, laminate. Installed as a “floating” floor, in essence,… Read More »

Carpet and Rugs

Carpet and rugs, for which the color combinations, patterns and styles are many, are wonderful for camouflaging a well-worn floor, for sound and shock absorption and also offer maximum insulation for those times when bare feet need warmth. Remember, though, that any kind of fabric flooring will be a disastrous choice in areas of high… Read More »