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Door Types

Choosing a door design can be an arduous task, because it needs to meet so many parameters. Door designs can make or break the look of your façade, and therefore need to go with the aesthetics the entire space. At the same time, modern doors must be absolutely strong and secure as well as water-proof… Read More »

Four Ideas for Entry Doors Designs

The entrance door is really the “face” of your home. It sets the mood and character of things to come. An entry door not only provides security and privacy – it can represent your personality and preferences. For instance, if you’re an artist, do you really want just a plain wooden door? Or do you… Read More »

Air Doors

For the separation of the space there are walls or doors. But sometimes we want something light. Do you want to make your home original? For this purpose you may use originally designed series of hanging laces, which can be called mobile or “air” doors. They will be very convenient in areas where you need… Read More »

Dog Doors

Dog doors, often referred to as doggie doors or pet doors, are miniature swinging doors that are installed in a door or wall. They allow your dog or cat to access the backyard without someone to let them in and out. A dog door helps your dog reach the outside world quicker. A dog door… Read More »

Garage Door Openers

Automatic garage door openers are best suited to open heavy garage doors. This prevents having to bend over and exert pressure on the back. Also, they can be operated from a distance even from inside the car, so the question of getting out in the chilly breeze to open a heavy garage door does not… Read More »