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Installing Wall Tile

Beautiful, practical, and easy to clean and maintain, tile walls are well suited to bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and other hard-working spaces in your home. When shopping for tile, keep in mind that tiles that are at least 6×6 inches are easier to install than small tiles, because they require less cutting and cover more surface… Read More »

Installing a Glass Mosaic Tile Floor

Mosaic tile is beautiful and durable, and working with it is easier than ever today. Modern mosaic floor tile is available in squares that are held together by an underlayer of fabric mesh. These squares are set in much the same way as larger tile, but their flex ibility makes them slightly more diff icult… Read More »

Installing Bullnose Base Trim

1. Dry-fit the tiles to determine the best spacing. Grout lines in base tile do not always align with grout lines in the floor tile. Use rounded bullnose tiles at outside corners, and mark tiles for cutting as needed. 2. Leaving a 1/8″ expansion gap between tiles at corners, mark any contour cuts necessary to… Read More »

Installing Ceramic Floor Tile

Floor tile can be laid in many decorative patterns, but for your first effort, it may be best to stick to a basic grid. In most cases, floor tile is combined with profiled base tile (installed after flooring). To begin a ceramic tile installation, snap perpendicular reference lines and dry-fit tiles to ensure the best… Read More »

Cutting Tile

Tools for Cutting Tile     Even though tile is a rigid material, it can be cut to fit a variety of applications. With the proper tools, tile can be trimmed, notched, and drilled. If you’re planning only one tile project, consider renting the more expensive pieces of equipment.   1. Coping saw with rod saw blade 2.… Read More »