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It’s possible that you could do almost all your carpentry projects using a circular saw, power miter saw, or jigsaw and never miss a handsaw. However, there are times when using a handsaw is easier, more convenient, and produces better results. Handsaws also provide the do-it-yourselfer a cost-effective alternative to the higher price of power… Read More »


Levels are essential to virtually every carpentry project. They help you build walls that are perfectly vertical (plumb), shelves, countertops, steps that are level, and roofs that incline at a correct and consistent pitch. Take care of your levels. Unlike some other tools that can be tossed into a tool bucket without damage, a level… Read More »

Tape Measures

The first step in any carpentry project is the taking of accurate measurements. Even though it seems big, buy a 25-foot steel tape measure with a 3/4-inch-wide blade for general use. Most tape measures are retractable, so the tape returns easily. Make sure your tape has a locking mechanism, so you can keep it extended… Read More »