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Beautiful Bedrooms

Actually, bedroom is not only used for sleeping. Bedroom is also used for doing activity whatever you want. So, the people say that bedroom is a private room. Of course, you want to sleep well in your bedroom. Certainly, you want a cozy bedroom in order you can be enjoyable staying in your bedroom. So,… Read More »

Bedroom Interior for Your Son

Do you have son? Is he still teenager? Does he have a special room? Yes, I think teenage boy should have a special room. It is commonly called boy’s room. Boy’s room is a room that only used for boy. It is not only used for sleeping or taking a rest. It is also used… Read More »

Bedroom for Your Little Daughter

     Do you have a little daughter? Does she have a bedroom? I think you should make a bedroom for her. Why should she have a bedroom? Because it is as a facility for her to do anything she wants. She can study and play in her bedroom. Usually, a little girl likes something girly… Read More »

Bedroom in the Style of Hi-Tech

If You want to decorate a bedroom in a style that was in step with the times, was the original and not so “like everyone else”, it will certainly be a high-tech style. In the style of hi-tech appreciated the free space and functionality in its organization. Consider what rules should be followed in the… Read More »

The Interior Features Bedrooms

When planning your bedroom, consider the location of Windows. If You are a “lark”, then it is more appropriate to choose for bedroom room with Windows to the East: then you will enjoy the rays of the rising sun. If You “owl”, then a window should come to the West. Then the sun will not… Read More »