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The Interior Features BedroomsWhen planning your bedroom, consider the location of Windows. If You are a “lark”, then it is more appropriate to choose for bedroom room with Windows to the East: then you will enjoy the rays of the rising sun. If You “owl”, then a window should come to the West. Then the sun will not be able to force you to get up “no light, no dawn, and the morning in the bedroom will be twilight.

The size of the bedrooms, and depends on the size of the furniture You will deliver. Agree – it is not convenient to squeeze in a small bedroom between the huge bed and bulky wardrobe. And the spacious bedroom miniature furniture might just be almost invisible, and will create a feeling empty comfortless room.

The location of the bed is very important when planning a room. The headboard pulling against one of the walls. If the size bedrooms sufficient – wide bed can be placed away from walls. A special ambience for sleep will create a canopy – heavy design, consisting of a massive frame, canopy and canopy.

Often used the admission as the construction of a berth on the “podium”. Structurally it looks like a podium, sometimes even with multiple steps, which is loose bulk elastic mattress. Also very well looks decorative welcome, if you put the bed in a niche that can be marked contrast in relation to the entire interior decoration.

Lighting should be nice and bright. Spreading chandeliers better to replace lamps and floor lamps with dim lights. The scattered light is obtained at the expense of lampshades, shades of frosted glass or mosaics – is the so-called General guiding light.

A good option as curtains – curtains medium density, scattering of intense daylight and softening light contrasts. If the window faces the Sunny side, it is better to complement light curtains blackout curtains, small screens-roller or blinds.

The veil looks great from the same fabric as the curtains, and the bed is one or two shades lighter. More ingenious solution is the combination of fabrics with different patterns and with different textures, different reflecting light.

The most important element in the bedroom is the bed. Today many people buy a separate bed, complementing the rest of the bedroom furniture in its sole discretion. In this case, it is possible to save significantly. Some people prefer to buy immediately, bedroom set, which usually consists of a bed, two nightstands and dresser. Some manufacturers incorporate the headset and the wardrobe in the same style. Import headset will cost 50-100% more expensive. In any case, the bed should be durable, comfortable and beautiful.

Convenience and functionality in the bedroom – the most important components that help to create warmth and comfort in your home.

The bedroom interior with Oriental accents

Simple Oriental design and nice looking upholstery beds tatami make the interior a very special touch, giving the bedroom harmony and peace. Traditionally, Oriental bedroom furniture is very wide four-poster beds, low sofas, cabinets-drawers with lots of different drawers for storing small items, mysterious chests.

The bedroom interior with Oriental accentsFor more comfort sleeping Mat covered with a futon – the lightest cotton mattresses. Modern designers choose the most rational, developed their own version of modern beds, calling it the Mat. The feature of this bed is a small height. Maybe someone will find it inconvenient. Here, as they say, lover. Even despite the fact that the bed Mat is smallish, it is popular with many tall people.

The interior of a bedroom in the French style

French style is a lot of fine detail that gives the whole atmosphere a true French charm. Plenty of tea and toilet tables for low and high legs, flower tables – flower-boxes, can only be found in the French bedroom. Round and square, wood and metal, glass and painted marble, tables are set not only in the bedroom, but in the living room, and hallway. French style tables and furniture decorated with vases or pots of flowers, a small ceramic vases, boxes, all kinds of Souvenirs figures and candlesticks.The interior of a bedroom in the French style

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