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Design and Interior of a Small Bedroom All owners of small bedrooms when trying to make repairs inevitably faced with the question: what is bet on the expansion of space or comfort? Let’s try to consider both options. Also many interesting You will find the article design and bedroom interior.

Expanding the space of a small bedroom

Plenty of space in the small bedroom involves, first of all, unnecessary. So to start get rid of excess furniture, boring things and outright rubbish. The bedroom should be easy to dietsa!
The furniture in the bedroom, we need only a bed, two bedside tables and a wardrobe or a chest of drawers. This bedroom more. Than enough!


Choosing a bed for your bedroom, note the following points:

bed without distinct legs looks less;
– bed with a massive headboard clutter a small room;
– the carved headboard reduces the space ;
– the lower bed, so it is visually less;
– the simplicity of the design of the bed expands the space around;
– dark furniture reduces the already small room.

Best in small rooms in order to increase space suitable furniture in Oriental style – low, simple lines and proportions. Simple lines has not been canceled, but there are more appropriate will be rounded lines and natural materials – wood, iron, rattan.


Bedside tables in small rooms should not be above the level of the bed is an axiom. In addition, these pieces of furniture, like bed, should not be different artsy design : the simpler the better. Tables it is desirable to put as close to the bed, it saves space. Will look well in a small bedroom tables with the top plane of the glass or even hinged – tech, which are attached directly to the wall. When priority is comfort, bedside tables it is appropriate to decorate in Your favorite technique. And indeed in the bedroom will look good cute little things like figurines, toys, hours and other Good alternative to a bedside table can be mounted shelves above the bed or extended headboard, where you can put a book, glasses, phone.


Often the composition of the suites of furniture for a bedroom includes fitted wardrobes. Of course, they fit with the rest of the furniture design, however, not always harmoniously fit into the interior of a small bedroom. For a room of small dimensions, a better option would be a closet or wardrobe, made to order. Then he ideally will occupy an area reserved for it, but will be able to functionally respond precisely to Your needs.


If Your bathroom is so small that the Cabinet is not in place does well fails, a good solution would be the chest, at the same time performing the functions of the dressing table. Moreover, for small rooms quite fit chest small size – low and narrow.

Accommodation furniture

In order to achieve maximum space in the room, place a bed headboard to the wall (otherwise one of the family members will be extremely inconvenient to get to her place, perlaza through another). Between the wall and the sidewall of the bed should be enough space for a comfortable passage. The bed can also be placed diagonally and space will sparkle with new colors. Tables place as close as possible to the bed.

Design and Interior of a Small Bedroom bed3b

The walls, floor, ceiling in a small bedroom

The walls in the small room it is advisable to paint in bright colors – they will visually add air to the room. It can be beige, light green, peach, yellow, light blue and shades. Bright walls not to do – they will tire. In small rooms it is not recommended to use Wallpaper with glitter as they tire.
To expand the space will also help using Wallpaper with a horizontal pattern. The main picture on the wall should be small, not conspicuous.
The ceiling in a small room we recommend you to make a snow-white or pale blue. This will visually add volume to the room, and under the right lighting to create the illusion of an open sky.
Floor in a small room it is also desirable to make the light, in harmony with the color of the walls and furniture. Note that the diagonal layout of the parquet or laminate visually enlarges the space.

Lighting, mirrors

The location on the ceiling or on the wall of the number of halogen lamps, which light is directed at the ceiling, increases the height of the room and smoothes the boundaries of the walls.
The mirror is the most simple technique used by designers to visually enlarge the space. Place the mirror on the wall, opposite a well-lit object and Your room will get a “continuation”. The boldest can equip a fully mirrored wall or ceiling. To create a cosiness in the bedroom eliminate bright General lighting. Romantic mood will create lighting, illumination elements, as well as lamps, elegant lamps on the bedside tables.

Comfort is everything

With the aim to create a warm space, it is necessary to rely on a small scale. If this immutable principles bright walls, floor and ceiling, the absence of superfluous furniture, use small print on the Wallpaper and dim lighting.


Do not overload the space of a small room with unnecessary detail. In a small room with just one or two bright spots, which can be a flower pot a busy tone, cushion, lamp, etc. the Rest of textiles should be as neutral as possible. You should not decorate the window with heavy curtains – light tulle will add in a space of light and air. To protect from the sun it is better to use role-curtains or blinds.

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