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Color in a Bedroom InteriorThe bedroom should be removed from the front door, and in this case you will not be bothered and you will feel safe. The personal atmosphere of the apartment should promote relaxation and distraction from everyday worries, everything should be set to rest. Although the bedroom of a teenager can simultaneously be used as classrooms or his personal living, and therefore should be more stimulating than relaxing. Bedroom kid almost inevitably and games room.

The interior design of bedrooms depends on the type of finishing material, and the formation of the enveloping atmosphere contributes not only decorative, but also practical properties. For bedrooms, it is recommended to use materials with insulating properties, and the walls to make textured, muting the sound.

Blue, blue talk about the cool, heavenly expanse. Bedroom in shades of blue will interfere with prosperity. Money, like water, will flow out of Your life.
Green tones are associated with spring, freshness, promote relaxation, but their emotional restraint requires the active support of warm colors.
A beautiful combination obtained with a combination of pale shades with the rich, saturated color and light.
Yellow gamma warms and enlivens the room, but a large surface yellow, it is recommended to refresh the fragments of other saturated colors.
One double bed in the interior splenomegaly color in the bedroom it is better to soften, combining with it the cool tone of gray-blue, or you can experiment with its pastel shades.

It is believed that the color red “invigorates”, but in the bedroom it’s hard to Wake up. It is better to use red as a light accent. Bedroom in red tones will put pressure on the psyche, and the presence of red color in the Wallpaper or curtains will help the body recover after a hard day.

Purple color is deep and expressive, especially in combination with delicate yellow or green background.
Ascetic black-and-white range is widely used in the popular minimalist style.

Color in a Bedroom Interior Color in a Bedroom Interior

However, the BEST solution for bedrooms are shades of bright colours: for example, shades of white, reminiscent of baked milk, or soft grey, approaching the color of the linen. White walls is an Association with the hospital corridors, and the white ceiling will be quite appropriate.

An important role in the decoration of the bedroom plays textiles, especially as the decoration of the tissue can be easily replaced. The main textile theme bedrooms connected with the design of the Windows and beds.

The surface of the walls and floor is in this case background: a plain wall in harmony with colorful fabrics saturated colors; patterned Wallpaper or rug, on the contrary, combined with solid textile. However, interesting and sometimes such a decision, when textiles and walls are covered with a single image. You can experiment with the color of the ceiling. It should be lighter than the color of the walls.

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