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Bedroom in the Style of Hi-TechIf You want to decorate a bedroom in a style that was in step with the times, was the original and not so “like everyone else”, it will certainly be a high-tech style. In the style of hi-tech appreciated the free space and functionality in its organization. Consider what rules should be followed in the design of a bedroom in the style of hi-tech.

Bedroom in the style of hi-tech must be in pure colors, such as black, white, grey. In addition the interior can be red, blue, green and yellow. In the bedroom the style of hi-tech cannot be used variegated colors, and also different kinds of drawings. Main material in the regeneration of bedrooms : metal, plastic, glass. The interior of a bedroom can be supplemented with exposed brick or masonry natural stone. You can use various synthetic materials that are typical for high-tech style. But for a bedroom it is better to use only eco-friendly materials that are appropriate to the style. What material would not be used in the bedroom, it should have a modern processing. As for fabrics, they should be solid.

Perfectly complement the interior of a bedroom in the style of hi-tech textile with metallic threads. It is also possible to use nylon, nylon and other synthetic fabrics. Shine is a characteristic feature of high-tech style. Therefore, it is desirable that all surfaces and fabrics were smooth and shiny.

The design of the ceiling and floor

For a bedroom in the style of hi-tech perfect tension and suspended ceilings. But in the midst of stretch ceilings is best suited glossy stretch ceiling or metallic. Glossy ceiling can visually enlarge the room and therefore are ideal for a small bedroom with a low ceiling. You can also use acrylic stretch ceilings.

The design of the ceilingWith regard to suspended ceilings in bedrooms, the perfect solution would be Armstrong suspended ceiling. He uses a metal surface, bolts, fittings, chrome plated pipes, which are not hidden, but rather become a visible part of the interior of a bedroom. The main thing is to mount all carefully and not aggressive, slightly giving the room original.

You can also register and a multi-level ceiling, imitating the dome of the starry sky. This ceiling can be decorated with stars bulbs that will become a romantic touch to the interior of Your bedroom.

The floor of a bedroom in the style of hi-tech is the only piece of furniture that can be made from wooden materials. For the floor will fit and flooring from a wide long boards and laminate flooring. The main requirement to the floor of a bedroom in the style of hi tech – the texture of the floor should be invisible.

Perfectly complement the interior of a bedroom parquet floor with a pearl Shine or cold colors. How flooring can be used for a bedroom in the style of hi-tech linoleum. The main requirement for the linoleum – it should not be “under the tree”. You can also use the tile without ornament with a shiny surface.

The design of the walls in the bedroom

The walls in the bedroom should be smooth and shiny. From Wallpaper should refuse to apply the paint, which will provide the desired surface appearance. Exception – metallic Wallpaper. They perfectly reflect the light and highlight the style of the bedroom. Metallic Wallpaper is easy to keep clean, and they are durable. These Wallpapers do not accumulate static electricity and are able to protect against electromagnetic radiation. Of course, you need to avoid contact of this Wallpaper with the transaction. It is unacceptable to decorate a bedroom wall in high-tech style. But with a strong desire to hang paintings with an abstract image or black-and-white photo in a metal or plastic framework.

Windows and doors in the bedroom

To the Windows to bedroom in the style of hi-tech also has its own requirements. You cannot use curtains, blinds or net curtains. It is desirable to use blinds, screens, roll-out curtains. For Windows you can add curtains, but definitely solid, soft, not dense. Well, if the fabric is slightly shiny.
Doors in the bedroom should emphasize the overall style. So perfect door made of metal or glass, sliding or normal.
A good choice for bedrooms high-tech translucent door in aluminum frame, or transparent door with LEDs, or glass doors without ornament made of glass with metal inserts, or conventional doors made of aluminium bright colors. Options today, there are many to choose stylish door will be easy.

Selection of furniture for bedroom hi-tech

The selection of bedroom furniture in the style of hi-tech should be treated very carefully. The furniture must have the correct and simple geometric shapes. For bedrooms all furniture must be soft and with plain upholstery, not variegated colors. Because the hi-tech style is popular has the effect of “bright spots”, for example, a bed or sofa pick up a bright red or blue.
Of course, do not forget about the functionality, practicality and ease of designs of furniture. To save space in the bedroom, you can use the furniture-transformer.
Cabinets and bulky dressers are replaced with open or closed shelves. More space visually with the help of glass or shiny metal furniture.

Lighting in the bedroom

Lighting is one of the most important elements in the interior of the bedroom and the style of hi-tech in General. The main thing – no chandeliers and bronze lamps “from the castle.” Everything must be simple and create a feeling of lightness. Built-in lighting, overhead halogen lamps, string lights, spotlights and that is what is ideal for a bedroom in the style of hi-tech.

Lighting in the bedroomThe light in the bedroom should be multi-level and decentralized, that is, come from multiple sources and illuminate the whole room evenly. In addition to the main light source of different lighting elements are mounted in the furniture are placed on brackets or stands. Light can have different shades. It is preferable to use in bedrooms high-tech cold light or white colors.

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