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ShowersToday showers have become very popular in comparison with baths. This is due to the fact that the cabin is more cost-effective (reduce consumption of water four times), and less space in the bathroom and perfectly harmonize in its interior.

It is better and wiser showers set in small rooms, clinics, businesses or country houses. Modern cabins have amazing design combined with built special devices, for example, bath, radio, safety device for massage and others.

To select the desired cabin, it is necessary to consider its constructive side. It is worth noting that the cabins are open or closed, it is called a corner. Now the corner cab is much cheaper, but inferior to the private cabins in comfort. The doors of the cabins also come in different types, namely, swing and sliding with a different number of folds and needed a place to open them (less folds, the more durable they are). The shape of the cabin is divided into semi-circular, rectangular and asymmetrical.

The main attributes of any shower is a pallet and a shower curtain. The door is made from glass and plastic. Can use transparent and opaque material. It is known that glass doors are very prestigious, roads and quality of these doors at the highest level, because they are made from special glass. Pallets made of marble, steel, cast iron, acrylic and ceramic. Each of these materials has its positive sides and negative, for example, cast iron is durable, but very long to wait to heat up, ceramic comfortable, but can easily break, acrylic can be easily scratched, marble is expensive, and steel, which are drops of water, creates a loud sound.

Now on the market are multi-functional cabin. These cabins are equipped with hydro massage, steam generators, seats, additional devices, such as a lamp, radio, soap dispenser. Very popular today booths with electronic devices setup procedures.
For home, the best option is cabin size not less than 80 centimeters in length and width. Smaller sizes are more common in the public sector (factories, hospitals and soon). There is also a stall that combine all the advantages of the shower and bath. They are very expensive and require additional space.

The water pressure in the shower from 1 to 6 bar, for better massage 2-3 bar. Therefore, if a house with low water pressure, which will be installed cubicle, you should make sure whether the massage in this case

And finally, successfully selected shower will become an indispensable and valuable in any home.

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