Light up your Garden

The garden is fast being considered to be an extension to your living space and homeowners are putting as much effort into creating a harmonious environment outside as they are inside. A beautiful garden is also considered to be one of the biggest selling features of a home and can certainly help to add value… Read More »

Lighting Update

Light Output The most common measure of light output (or luminous flux) is the lumen. Light sources are labeled with an output rating in lumens. For example, a T12 40-watt fluorescent lamp may have a rating of 3050 lumens. Similarly, a light fixture’s output can be expressed in lumens. As lamps and fixtures age and… Read More »

Outdoor Lighting

The first step, as with any project, is to plan. How do you want to use this space after dark, and what lighting will you need? Lighting can be summarized in four categories: Security lighting is needed in highly vulnerable areas of your property. Because it is bright and often motion activated, keep it away… Read More »

Lighting Fixtures for all Rooms in your Home

When you first buy a house, remodel, or redecorate your house, this will be a good time to change your lighting fixtures. When redoing a room, it may take a few fixtures to bring out the room to the way it should be. Each room has a purpose and your lighting should correspond with that… Read More »

LED Lights – Economic Lighting

LED lighting is a promising way of decor, although at first glance it’s quite expensive. If you look on the other hand, it is even economical lighting. In case of stable electricity, the use of these light sources in the house is becoming more profitable, because of long life of LED lamps and their safety.… Read More »